Sunday, October 2, 2011

Easter 2010

We celebrated Easter by keeping traditions which date back to Andrea's childhood: on Saturday evening, the kids made their "bunny bags" to leave for the Easter Bunny to fill before they awake.

Hard at work

Happy bunnies and happy kids
And, as in years past, the Easter Bunny came, laden heavily with gifts. Though Mom and Dad thought that the Hoppy and Whiskered One didn't really need anything to eat like his counterpart at the North Pole, the kids insisted that they should leave something for him, (again, at their suggestion), we left a bowl of shredded carrots, a small paper cup of water, and a plastic egg containing chocolate.

The haul

And, sure enough, it was all gone by morning! I know have a feeling that the Easter Bunny loved the chocolate most of all (he's probably a lot more like Mr. Kringle than we'd expect).

No second thought about how the Easter Bunny knows exactly what you want

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