Sunday, October 2, 2011

Independence Day 2010

We were able to travel to the San Luis Valley to celebrate Independence Day with Andrea's family. It was especially fun because in addition to the relatives who live in the area, we were joined by our nieces Tatiana and Savannah from St. Louis, and Andrea's cousin, Mariah, and her husband and children.

...which made for a LOT of kids.
The traditional festivities include a meal together, followed by a bingo game (played at a frantic pace and always ending up in a mad dash for prizes) and a piñata.

Playing with Grandad

Oh, yeah, piñata, you're going down
We celebrated on Friday, and the actual fourth of July was the following Sunday, the day we headed back to Greeley. We decided to make every effort to arrive in time to see the professional firework show at the local country club, for which we have front row seats in our front yard. We had never actually watched the show, since we were always out of town celebrating with Andrea's parents, so we were excited to actually be able to catch it. Unfortunately, the show was rained out, along with the other shows in the area.

The country club opted to cancel their show, but the fireworks show in Loveland was postponed until the following day, so we decided to drive over Monday night, brave the parking, and watch the show. With a bit of online planning, we were able to find a parking spot a few blocks from a park across the lake from the show. It worth the wait, and the kids had a lot of fun.

Have a great fifth of July, everyone!

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