Sunday, October 2, 2011


Immediately after Jayden's baptism, I flew out to Fort Myers, Florida to participate in a job interview at Edison State College. The interview went well, though it didn't strike me as the perfect position for me... and, in fact, I did not end up being offered the job.

However, the trip was not a waste by a long shot: for one thing, the trip (as is always the case) was paid for by the college. Better yet, the college allowed me to postpone my return flight by a day, and fly out of Fort Lauderdale instead of Fort Myers. This made it possible for my brother, Eric, to drive to Fort Myers and pick me up after the interview, and spend the night with him and my sister-in-law Esther.

From the moment I changed out of my suit and tie after the interview, the trip was wonderful; I had never had the opportunity to visit Eric and Esther since they had moved to Florida. At the time, they lived, quite literally, across the street from the Atlantic Ocean; the view from their 14th-floor condo was breathtaking. They also took me to a fantastic seafood restaurant for dinner where we ate on a patio overlooking the harbor.

Eric and Esther's condo building from the street.
The incredible view from their balcony.

Having moved to Ohio, we're a little closer now than we were, and though they have since moved to a condo a little father inland, we are looking forward to visiting as a family next summer.

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