Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scub Scouts

Jayden turned 8 years old last March, which made him eligible to participate in our church's Cub Scouts program, and he couldn't be more excited. We made the trip to the Scout store to get him the uniform and though he couldn't wait to try it on, we found out later that we had gotten the wrong type of neckerchief.

Scout spirit, personified

Needless to say, Jayden has taken to Cub Scouts like a fish to water; he loves to attend meetings, and even more fun are the outings; one morning, he and I got up early and went to a local lake for a picnic pancake breakfast and a few hours of fishing (no, we didn't catch anything—but no one got a hook caught in their hand or eye or anything so we considered it a success).

No, really, Dad, I think it was a real tug this time!

Toward the end of the summer, I was asked to be the Den Leader for Jayden and his friends, and the first time I put on my uniform to attend a Den meeting, Sofie saw me and scowled at me, saying, "Daddy! Don't be a scub scout!" Fortunately, she has come around and is fine with me participating in Scub Scouts, especially since she gets to come along to the monthly Pack meetings.

This patch goes around here somewhere...

Ancient Indians used this technique when their microwaves weren't working.

If you know Jayden at all, you know he's in heaven in this picture

Jayden will turn 9 in March, and will then get the rank of Bear (he's a Wolf now). If he gets too many more belt loop awards, he's going to need to increase his waist size to make room for them...

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