Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Visit from Karen and Steve

The weekend after Jayden began school last August we were delighted to have some old friends come up from Denver for the day. Steve and Karen Shea brought up their son Liam to spend the day with us, and we enjoyed lunch and conversation. Karen and Andrea attended Adams State College together, and Karen is now a doctor with a part-time practice in Denver. She has a special place in our family because she was in the delivery room with Andrea and I when Jayden was born. Steve, who also attended Adams State and who has served in the U.S. Army in Kosovo as an MP, is spending time now as a stay-at-home Dad. It was a joy to spend time with them, and we were able to see them again soon afterward when we attended a Labor Day barbecue at Steve's parents' home in Loveland.

Karen and Sofie have a heart-to-heart talk

Taking down an Army guy looks so much easier on TV!

Good friends

This past June, Karen and Steve were able to give Liam a little brother: Henry Shea was born June 1st. Congratulations, you two... we look forward to meeting Henry and seeing you all again soon.

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