Friday, July 23, 2010


The day after New Year's Day, we had some time to go down the street to Epple Park ("the frisbee park" to locals, since it features a frisbee golf course) which happens to have a perfect hill for sledding. We have four saucer sleds, one of which we have a long rope tied to, and of course we had four very excited kids ready to use them.

Jayden makes it almost all the way down

Jayden and Noah, for the most part, were content to glide down without any assistance, although they had to be reminded almost constantly to walk back up off to the side, out of the way of oncoming sleds. Owen and Sofie, however, did better with the "sled-on-a-rope," which allowed us to slow the trip down a little, as well as pull the sled back up for another run.


...and back up...

...and back down again

Andrea and I even joined in for a few runs, usually with one of the kids on our laps.




Finally, before heading back home to dry off and warm up, I took each of the kids for a run down the icy street and back, which elicited the most excited squeals of the day.

Riding the "slingshot"

Sitting here next to the air conditioning unit at 9:00 pm when it's 81° outside, I don't imagine we'll have enough snow to pull the sleds out again anytime soon, but I do look forward to doing it again... sometime!

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