Saturday, November 28, 2009

Backyard Camping

We wanted to take the kids camping (July 31), but were a little unprepared to go too far from home, so we decided to pitch a tent in the backyard. We had brats for us and hot dogs for the kids. Then we had s'mores, which the kids had a lot of fun making. We were supposed to go the an outdoor movie in the park that night, but it was rained out! So we came back to our little backyard tent and had a movie using our portable DVD player. The night was a little cool, thanks to the rain, but we had SO much fun. As soon as the kids woke up in the morning they were anxious to get back in the house (I think because it had cooled off so much overnight). They still talk about it and have asked to do it again!!

The Picnic Table

The tent and my four silly kiddos

Getting ready to get some shut-eye

The boys waking up in the morning

Daddy and Sofie waking up

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